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Fastly - Use free SSL

Fastly supports 3 ways to deliver https traffic: 

  1. A private cerificate ensures your brand and can come in many falvors. All private certificates can be installed into Fastly. Contact your GlobalDots account manager if you want this. 
  2. A shared certificate creates an alias for your domain on a SAN certificate owned by Fastly. Contact your GlobalDots account manager if you want this. 
  3. A shared domain certificate appends your identification to the Fastly domain, does not require certification, and is free to use. 

Using a free, shared domain SSL certificate

Log in to the Fastly application and under your service add a domain called (Important:  yoursite can only be a single word. You cannot use dot separated name such as because multiple nesting in SSL certificates is not supported.)

Deploy your service changes and you should be able to access the domain via

For example, in the Domains area of the configuration settings, you'll see a New button to create a new domain:


Click on the New button will make the New Domain window appear:


Enter the Domain Name you wish to create. If it's already taken you will need to pick a different one. When done click the Create button and then remember to deploy your changes. You can now access your site via

Please note that if you DNS alias your own domain ( to that name ( an SSL name mismatch warning will appear in the browser.

If you need to have your own domain in the URL, please contact your GlobalDots account manager, or send an email to

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