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What is the Akamai Log Delivery Service (LDS)? How do I enable it?

What is Log Delivery Services (LDS)?

LDS is the service that sends/upload edge server logs from for HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, and Streaming traffic using a variety of formats and delivery options.

Akamai provides LDS to allow for a more detailed analysis, beyond that offered in the existing reports (Traffic, Response, URL and/or Visitors). Logs contain transactions between end users and the edge servers only, so statistics from these logs are best compared to Edge Egress Hits, Mbps, and MB from the Traffic reports, with the exception that the LDS log lines only contain the size of an object served. Because logs contain only edge transactions, these logs can be compared easily to the logs produced by a content provider's own HTTP and media servers without CDN.

How can I enable LDS or change my current configuration settings?

To enable or change your Log Delivery Service (LDS) configuration, log into the Luna Control Center, then Configure > Log Delivery.

The Log Delivery configuration application will allow the user to specify the delivery method (FTP is always recommended), maximum acceptable file size, security options, delivery frequency, and other options. Once the changes are validated in our system, any updates, except delivery frequency, are processed every hour. Delivery frequency changes are updated once a day at or around 01:00 GMT.


Please visit Support > Documentation & Training > User and Developer Guides > Log Delivery for more information, available formats, sample log files, etc.

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